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April 24, 2024

The Czech Public Defender of Rights promoting LGBTQI+ equality and inclusion

  Equality Bodies that have a mandate to tackle discrimination based on the grounds of gender identity, sex characteristics and gender expression can better address the […]
April 16, 2024

Gender Equality and Climate Change Mitigation: How Can the Two Go Hand in Hand?

Introduction Gender equality and climate change mitigation are two of the most pressing global challenges of our time. While these issues may seem unrelated on the […]
March 25, 2024

UNIA, The Interfederal Centre for Equal Opportunities, in Belgium guaranteeing an equal green transition

Policies that counter climate change must include an equality dimension to avoid exacerbating existing inequalities. Equality Bodies ensure that the green transition is fully inclusive and […]
February 26, 2024

The Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency in Germany ensuring gender equality in the workplace

Equality Bodies play a crucial role in achieving equal pay in Europe. Pay transparency is an essential tool to tackle the gender pay gap and ensure […]
February 26, 2024

The Netherlands Institute for Human Rights ensuring an equality-compliant use of AI

Artificial Intelligence is increasingly used in a variety of aspects of our everyday lives. Equinet and Equality Bodies are at the forefront of investigating the apparent […]
January 11, 2024

The Advocate of the Principle of Equality in Slovenia promoting equal access to healthcare

  Equality Bodies can ensure equal access to healthcare facilities and treatments, which guarantees that no one is excluded from enjoying their fundamental right to a […]
December 5, 2022

Equality Planning: Purpose, Potential and Experience. Case Studies from the work of Equality Bodies

Equinet’s latest publication Equality Planning: Purpose, Potential and Experience. Case Studies from the work of Equality Bodies draws from the experience and expertise of Equality Bodies in […]
November 3, 2022

Dutch Childcare Allowance Scandal: The importance of investigation powers

What is the childcare allowance scandal? The kinderopvangtoeslag (childcare allowance) is a benefit provided by the Dutch state through a special department of the tax authority […]
October 7, 2022

“Where is my place?” Life stories of victims of discrimination in the Republic of Moldova

“Where is my place?” is the central question of the concept for the video spot, presenting two life stories of a woman and a man, victims of […]