Equinet is fully committed to the provision of equal opportunities for all its employees, through its employment practices, regulations and policies. We are convinced that equal treatment and diversity are the strengths of a harmonious work environment. Therefore, we firmly stand behind our work-life balance report and we treat all staff equally regardless of their disability, race or ethnic origin, gender, marital status, domestic circumstances, age, physical and mental state, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, sex characteristics or any other grounds.

During any recruitment process, specific measures can be taken to ensure equal opportunities for candidates with disabilities or any special needs. In the case of equally qualified and suitable candidates, Equinet will choose the person with a minority background and/or a disability unless there are other factors that should tilt the balance in favour of the other candidate(s). Any available positions will appear below.

Traineeship Programme

Equinet has a regular traineeship programme which welcomes trainees for a six-month period. Information regarding any traineeship will appear below. All applications must meet all the conditions required by the Convention d’Immersion Professionnelle under Belgian law to enjoy the traineeship programme:

- Recent graduate in a field of studies related to the responsibilities at stake in the position;

- Less than 30 years old;

- Authorised to, and willing to work, in Belgium.