Equinet Events

Please note that Equinet has a new travel policy for 2023. Members are now required to go through a 2-step registration process, and to book their own flights to be reimbursed up to the cost ceiling established by the EC. Read more about the new travel policy.

Equinet is committed to providing a safe environment for its employees, members, and external partners/guests, free from harassment on any ground. Equinet operates a zero-tolerance policy for any form of harassment taking place during its events, treats all incidents respectfully, confidentially and seriously, and promptly react to all allegations of harassment. Read our Safer Spaces Policy for Equinet events here.

Calendar 2023

2023 offers the unique opportunity to reinforce the protection of equality across Europe by advocating for the adoption of proposals for EU-level legislation to strengthen the role and independence of equality bodies. This will be a key focus across all our activities this year. Equinet will organise two types of events:
  • Capacity-building events, such as trainings, webinars, workshops and seminars, to provide Equality Bodies with learning opportunities aimed at developing expertise regarding specific issues and current topics.
  • Conferences and roundtables to explore key issues, developments in the field of equal treatment, and to promote the voice of Equality Bodies to a broader public.
  • For further information on any of the events, please consult our Work Plan 2023.

    All times displayed are Brussels/CET for online events and local times for in person events

    Expert groups meetings

    Staff members of Equality Bodies will continue to meet within their Working Groups or Clusters. Working Groups meet throughout the year to discuss topics related to Gender Equality, Policy Formation, Equality Law, Communication Strategies and Practices, Research and Data Collection. Currently, there are ongoing Clusters on Disability, Artificial Intelligence, Equality Mainstreaming, Socio-economic Rights, Rainbow Families on the Move. Equinet staff and Members are also involved in the Project on Standards for Equality Bodies.

    Learn more about Equinet's expert groups.

    Communication strategies and practices Working Group

  • 23 May (Zagreb, in conjunction with training Developing and maintaining good media relations)
  • TBC (online)

    Equality law in practice Working Group

  • 3 May (in-person, Bucharest. In conjunction with Equality bodies exploring online and offline harassment)
  • 24 October (online)

    Gender equality Working Group

  • 14 June (Brussels, in conjunction with Seminar on Work-life balance directive)
  • 22 November (online)

    Policy formation Working Group

  • 19 April (hybrid, Brussels)
  • 3 October (online)

    Research and data collection Working Group

  • 9 May (online)
  • 16 October (hybrid, in conjunction with Intersectionality & multiple Discrimination – Methods on data collection and measurement, challenges and opportunities)

    Standards Project

  • 16 March (online): Equinet online meeting to discuss progress on the EU Directives on Standards for Equality Bodies
  • 20 September (Brussels, in conjunction with MEPs meeting)
  • Age Cluster

  • 25 April (online)
  • 17 November (hybrid, in conjunction with How can Equality Bodies support de- institutionalization from an intersectional perspective?)

    Artificial intelligence Cluster

  • 14 April (in person, in conjunction with Artificial Intelligence Study visit)

    Disability Cluster

  • 17 November (hybrid, in conjunction with How can Equality Bodies support de- institutionalization from an intersectional perspective?)

    Equality and socio-economic rights Cluster

  • 27 September (hybrid, in conjunction with annual meeting of the CoE-FRA-ENNHRI-EQUINET Collaborative Platform on social and economic rights)

    Equality mainstreaming Cluster

  • 23 June (Bilbao, in conjunction with Role of Equality Bodies in supporting Equality Mainstreaming)

    Rainbow families on the move Cluster

  • 27 March (online)
  • 6 September (online)

  • Equinet Governance

    Each year the General Assembly of members meets at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in order to discuss and take decisions on important issues such as the annual Work Plan, financial statements and activity reports, and adhesion of new members. Every two years, the General Assembly also votes on the Executive Board elections. The Executive Board meets once per quarter to disucss and take decisions on the development of strategic visions for the network, as well as governance issues, such as the development and implementation of yearly work plans.

    Executive Board Meetings

  • 22 March (online)
  • 15 June (Brussels)
  • 18 September (online)
  • 7 December (in person, location TBC)
  • Annual General Meeting (AGM)

  • 11 October (Brussels)
  • During the 2023 AGM, there will be the Board Election and right after the meeting the new elected board will briefly meet to appoint the new Chair.