Equinet at a glance

Equinet is the European Network of Equality Bodies, a membership organisation which promotes equality in Europe by supporting and enabling the work of National Equality Bodies. It supports Equality Bodies to be independent and effective catalysts for more equal societies.

Equinet works to:

  1. strengthen and support Equality Bodies to achieve equality for all
  2. act as the expert voice of Equality Bodies in Europe on equality and non-discrimination
  3. maintain and improve Equinet's capacity as a strong, resilient, and innovative Network

Our Approach


Support and empower

Equinet provides general support to Equality Bodies through capacity building activities, facilitates peer-to-peer exchange and knowledge sharing across Equality Bodies, promotes and consolidates Equality Bodies’ position as national level experts on equality and non-discrimination, including by supporting the adoption and implementation of legislation on European Standards for Equality Bodies.

Connect and network

Equinet builds bridges between Equality Bodies and partners (policymakers, civil society organisations, European institutions, etc.) as well as other actors related to equality and non-discrimination, provides a forum for Equality Bodies to network, and creates useful connections at European level.

Innovative and disseminate

Equinet acts as a research & knowledge Hub, creating new knowledge on innovative issues related to non-discrimination and equality, as well as disseminating this knowledge among Equality Bodies and other stakeholders.

Catalyse and strengthen

Equinet stimulates expert and informed reflection on the situation of equality and non-discrimination in Europe, strengthening the European equality framework, channelling the learnings and voices of Equality Bodies in European discussions, consultations and legislative processes.

Have you been treated unfairly?

Equinet is a European Network, supporting and assisting national equality bodies in Europe, but lacks any competence or power to investigate or in any other way deal with individual cases of discrimination.

If you consider that you have been a victim or a witness of an act of discrimination we would suggest that you contact the national equality body in your country of residence. EU anti-discrimination legislation provides that each Member State shall have (at least) one such equality body with the power to, among other, give independent assistance to victims of discrimination. The equality bodies are specialised authorities whose staff are trained and experienced to handle cases of discrimination.

The possibilities of each equality body to help victims depends on the national legislation of each State, but they can, for instance:

  • Provide legal advice and consultation;
  • Assist or represent victims of discrimination in Court;
  • Mediate or negotiate settlements between the alleged perpetrator and the victim to find solutions which are acceptable to both parties without going to Court;
  • Bring cases to Court in their own name, including in the absence of an identifiable victim (for instance in the case of a discriminatory employment advertisement);
  • In some countries the national equality body acts as a court itself, with the power to adopt legally binding decisions regarding individual cases of discrimination.

The national equality body of your State of residence is therefore best adapted to handle individual cases of discrimination and the most likely to be able to help you, or to redirect you.

Equinet is a network regrouping these national equality bodies, and you will find all necessary contact information for them here.