COVID-19 data Luxembourg

CountryNational Equality BodyTypeGroundsComplaints, requests for info and ex officio procedures
LuxembourgCentre for Equal TreatmentActionAs far as information is available, we share it on social media. We have not issued anything officially, but have contacted media and the Parliament. Together with partners we have also offered our help to the ministry and planned to do a follow-up after the crisis.
LuxembourgCentre for Equal TreatmentComplaintsdisabilityProblems concerning the accessibility of COVID-19-related information,  e.g. sign language accessibility, easy to read versions, CAPTCHA.
LuxembourgCentre for Equal TreatmentComplaintsreligion or belief

Restrictions put in place due to Covid-19 are discriminating against religious people who are not allowed to visit/hold church service, even when respecting barrier gestures, and thus not putting anyone at risk.


LuxembourgCentre for Equal TreatmentComplaintsage, disability

Due to Covid-19 restrictions a number of businesses (e.g. cinemas, supermarkets) as well as some government services (Covid-testing facilities) started providing “drive-in” / “drive-through” services, discriminating against persons who are not or no longer able to drive a car due to their age or different forms of disability.

LuxembourgCentre for Equal TreatmentComplaintsother statusQuestions were raised as some people received refunds for holidays that were canceled due to Covid restrictions, while other people did not receive such refunds.
LuxembourgCentre for Equal TreatmentComplaintsdisabilityIn the beginning of the pandemic, not everything was clear regarding home schooling, thus creating even more difficult and complex situations for people with disabilities or with children with disabilities.
LuxembourgCentre for Equal TreatmentComplaintsdisabilityThere are problems in public transport as drivers are physically separated from the public. This causes problems for people that are visually impaired, as it is impossible to communicate with the driver.
LuxembourgCentre for Equal TreatmentComplaintsdisabilityPatient at risk asked for advice about their job and possibilities to be granted a leave of absence, as the person was worried to be forced to go back to work and being exposed to the virus.
LuxembourgCentre for Equal TreatmentComplaintssexual orientationChild born through surrogacy in the United States. The parents were told by ministry that it would not be allowed to enter the child into  the country, due to Covid-Restrictions.
LuxembourgCentre for Equal TreatmentActionsexAs Covid-testing related forms are not gender-neutral, the CET wrote a recommendation to the ministry in charge of these forms asking them to adapt the forms.
LuxembourgCentre for Equal TreatmentActiondisabilityRecommendation to our Minister of Health asking that they should clarify details regarding the obligation to wear a mask. Current laws make an exception for people with disabilities or people with health issues who have a medical certificate but these exceptions are very vague. Thus, they create a situation where people are unsure if they comply with legal requirements or not.