Board of Equal Treatment


The Board is a quasi-judicial complaints body that deals with specific complaints brought before the Board. It is free of charge to appeal to the Board. The Board cannot take up cases by its own initiative

Brief history

The Board is established in 2009 and much has happened since the board started with a portfolio of nearly 30 complaints. Every year the number of decisions taken continues to increase. At this point in time the board has developed a considerable amount of case law, and new and interesting legal issues continue to appear. There has over the years been a good deal of litigation over the Board’s decisions, and the courts have followed the decisions taken in most cases. The media have referred, commented and discussed the Board’s decisions, and sometimes the board’s work also attracted politicians and ministers’ attention. The Board has made its mark, has helped to establish new practices and has occasionally given rise to a public debate also on the social media. 

Mandate Type

Predominantly tribunal-type (quasi-judicial) body

Litigation power:

  • Formally deciding on complaints (e.g. decision or recommendation addressed to the parties) legally binding


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Activities aimed at supporting vulnerable groups ( e.g. through trainings )
Activities aimed at supporting duty bearers such as employers and service providers (e.g. through trainings, guidance material, practical support, etc.)
Communication activities (e.g. awareness raising campaigns)
Recommendations on discrimination issues
Publications and reports
Research projects (including surveys)

Other statistics:

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Number of inquiries handled per year (all contact even if not resulting in a formal complaint)
Number of cases handled per year (case files opened and processed according to your procedures)263
Number of media appearances per year (major newspapers/magazines/websites/blogs, TV + radio channels) - does not include social media

Additional details

The Board: 1 chairwoman and 2 deputy chairmen who are judges and 9 members who are lawyers/professors who all hold expert knowledge on the labour market regulations, discrimination and EU-law.
The Secretariat of the Board: 1 head, 1 Deputy Head of Service, 4 Legal Advisors and 2 students

Procedure for nomination and appointment of management and board

The members are appointed of The Minister of Children, Gender Equality, Integration and Social Affairs and The Minister of Employment and nominated of the Ministrer of Employment.The chairwoman and the deputy chairmen are nominated of the Minister af Employment and appointed by the Chief Justice.

Number of staff dealing with equality issues

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Grounds and fields of discrimination covered by the equality body

Grounds / Fields Employment Education Housing Social Protection & Healthcare Goods and Services Other
Gender Identity
Race and Ethnic Origin
Sexual Orientation
Religion & Belief
Other grounds:

The Board of Equal Treatment investigates complaints of discrimination in employment on the grounds of sex, race, colour, religion or belief, political opinion, sexual orientation, age, disability, national origin, social origin and ethnicity. Outside the labour market, the Board treats complaints of discrimination based on sex, race and ethnic origin.

Mandate covers:

  • Public sector
  • Private sector

Operating budget in euros

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We are accountable to

  • National Ministry
  • National audit institution (i.e. for financial reporting)